We are pleased to announce

a new project underway:



This project is inspired by the ‘Walking with Our Sisters’ Canada-wide travelling exhibit commemorating over 1000 missing and murdered indigenous women. This project is generously funded by the Comox Valley Community Drug Strategy Committee.

Comox Valley Girls Group and the John Howard Society are partnering with the School District 71 Aboriginal Support program at Glacier View and Nala’atsi alternate schools to facilitate a group for all interested students (including boys) to make ‘vamps’ (moccasin tops).

We will also hold a group for Comox Valley Girls Group participants. In addition to involving local First Nations elders to teach participants traditional beading, we will incorporate storytelling and discussion.

The goals of the project are the following:

1. To provide an opportunity for young people to utilize traditional First

Nations teachings and craft to develop awareness of violence against women

and the impact of substance misuse.

2. To enhance resilience, community and cultural connection – important

protective factors regarding substance misuse.

3. To involve young people in the opportunity to create broader community

awareness and social action, and to feel empowered to make change.