About Us

Comox Valley Girls Group was started in 1999, originally located at Comox Valley Family Services. In 2006, CVGG moved under the umbrella of the Comox Valley Transition Society.

Over the years, the groups have evolved to include three different age groups and the development of a Peer Facilitation Training component. We have a unique format combining psycho-educational and support.  Media literacy and understanding feminism are focal points.  We do not have a set curriculum; the content evolves from what the participants want and need.

We avoid reinforcing gender stereotypes like some gender-specific groups do. Our peer Facilitation Training model allows older girls/young women to have opportunities to build skills for careers in helping professions, or for personal growth.  We also connect with our community as much as possible, providing inter-generational opportunities, and participating in community events.

We do a wide variety of activities:  everything from hula hooping to arts-based, yoga, social activism projects, community projects, photography, zine-making, spoken word – whatever activities the girls engage in and we can make happen!

At Comox Valley Girls Group, we try to provide a holistic and multi-faceted experience.